Ludo-dependent since birth, a talented copyist with a vocation for creating things, lazy when necessary, open to everybody (but not everything). I wish there were 48 hours in the day.
The gadget you can’t go without
Kindle (I love reading science fiction)
The first site you open each morning
Repubblica, Wired and La Gazzetta dello Sport
Your guru
Peppe, my friend from university, and Homer Simpson
What you want to be when you were little
Suitcase essntials
Suitcase? I use a rucksuck
The last thing you bought during a journey
Everywhere I go, I always end up buying a pack of cards
Your best travel memory
Paris with my girlfriend. We were walking, arm in arm, when all of a sudden, in front of us, we saw the Tour Eiffel, illuminated with a thousand lights.
he place you really want to go
In Finland and all the other countries in the Northern hemisphere.