Romano Acampora

Founder & Copywriter

From “almost” architect to graphic designer to copywriter. But without sport, rock, contemporary art, a sketch pad, travel, red meat and panini, I would never have survived!

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God bless iPod!
Your favorite Blog
Il Mestiere di Scrivere
The first site you open each morning
First coffee , then Repubblica
Your guru
What you want to be when you were little
An Indian
Suitcase essntials
Pencils and a sketch pad, a book and a knife
The last thing you bought during a journey
A pair of sneakers and three pairs of underpants
Your best travel memory
Patagonia: from Colonia Suiza to the Perito Moreno glacier!
he place you really want to go
Give me the keys to a loft in any capital city… and that’s the last you’ll ever see of me!
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