Caprionline - Artigiani del WEB

Whilst we’d really rather keep quiet and let our work do the talking, if we had to describe who Caprionline are in just two words, we’d say “web artisans”.

“Artisans” because what we do we do by hand and with a passion. “Web”, well, because that’s where we do it! Our web agency was born (like its founders) on the island of Capri, Italy, and so it’s perhaps only natural that our key interests are travel and tourism.

Our adventure began with the creation of a group of portals devoted exclusively to the island:, and , followed by, covering the whole of the Amalfi Coast, and ItalyTraveller, designed as a showcase for all of the most beautiful hotels in Italy.

Having started out as a 3-man team, crammed into a pokey 1-room office, Caprionline now employs 15 people, in two spacious offices: in the historic center of Capri (within steps of the Piazzetta) and in downtown Naples (close to Via Medina).

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Caprionline Team